Our times don’t permit anymore to consider that having a cell phone is a luxury because it is not. Neither for homeless or poor people, because at some point they might need assistance, help or to ask for something and they don’t have how in the absence of a cell phone. Especially now, when it is winter and the cold weather and heavy snow might always cause problems that for some might cost even their life. This is why, Shelly Tharp initiate a helping program, called Lifeline which has the mission of giving free phones or very affordable prepaid devices for the ones in need or with very low income. The pioneer of this project is an authorized prepaid phone agent who runs Simcard Wireless Plus, a family owned business that aims making cellphones affordable for everybody.

Necessary proof

Let us talk a bit about the conditions in which you can get a cell phone through the Lifeline program. So, must provide proof of public assistance or provide two forms of identification, along with tax or Social Security statements showing their annual incomes are below the 15,000 dollars federal poverty level for Pennsylvania. If you qualify, than you can choose between receiving a free phone or a free phone with an option to buy an upgraded phone if they can afford the latter. Under the basic plan for both phones, for each 30 day period, users get the first 250 minutes and the first 250 text messages free.

If anybody, during 30 days, finishes the free option, he’ll be taxed as you can see here: 5 dollars for another 100 minutes, 10 dollars for 250 minutes, 20 dollars for 750 minutes and 30 dollars for unlimited minutes, considering that text messages are for free in any case. 

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